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Piston and oil scraper rings for engines NVD26, NVD26, NVD48, NVD48, NVD36, D49.

Delivery from the manufacturer, own production in the Leningrad region. KMZ mastered and successfully introduced the production of piston and oil scraper rings for domestic and foreign marine diesel engines and diesel generators.

ATTENTION!!! As a manufacturer of piston rings, KMZ LLC is ready to provide prices below the market average (up to 10%), with a possible deferred payment up to 3 (three) months after the product arrives at the Customer's warehouse. ATTENTION!!!

Catalog number: D49, 1.5D49.22-04 compression, 6D49.22.05-01 oil scraper, 5D49.22.08-4 oil scraper. Catalog number: D 100, D100.04.101sb2 piston, D100.04.017-2 oil scraper, D100.04.016-2 oil scraper, D100.04.18 sealing.

Engines: NVD 26-2 / 3, NVD 26, A-2 / 3NVD 26, 6NVD26A-2, 8NVD26A-2, NVD 24, S4NVD-24 (S4DV-224), 4NVD-24 (4DV-224), S6NVD- 24 (S6NVD-224) Catalog number: D1G.7.2 (07011) oil scraper, D1G.7.4 (07008) compression with left lock, D1G.7.5 (07008) compression with right lock, D1G.7.6 (07010) oil scraper, D76. 7.3 chrome-plated compression, D76.7.4 compression, D76.7.5 oil scraper, 511-26702 compression, 511-37102 compression, 511-37209 oil scraper, 511-34702 oil scraper, D70.7.0.1 chrome-plated compression, D70.7.0.2 compression, D70 .7.0.3 oil scraper

Engines: 8NVD 48-2, 8NVDS 48A-2, 8NVDS 48-2, 8NVD 48A-28NVD 48-2U, 8NVD 48A-2U, NVD 48, NVD 48AU, 8NVD 36, 8NVD 36U, 8NVD 36 a-1, 8NVD 36 -1U, NVD 36, 8NVD 36-1, 6VD 26 / 20AL-2 Catalog number: D70A.7.3 chrome-plated compression, D70A.7.4 compression, D70A.7.5 oil scraper, D1N.7.0.3 oil scraper, D1N.7.0.2 oil scraper, D1N.7.0.1A compression D1A.7.2 oil scraper, D1.a.7.6 oil scraper, D1A.7.7 compression, D1A.7.8 compression with a left lock, D1A.7.11 compression chrome. with the right lock, D1A.7.12 compression chrome. with the left lock, 51135510 oil scraper with slots, 628-19-103 compression, 685-19-104 compression, 628-19106 oil scraper with windows, 685-19-105 oil scraper with windows and bevel, 628-19-105 oil scraper with bevel, D1N.7.0.4A chrome-plated compression, D1M.7.5 oil scraper, D1M.7.7 chrome-plated compression, 51124328 compression, 51127510 oil scraper with a slot, 832-07005 piston ring

Compression rings prevent gases from escaping from the combustion chamber into the crankcase. It prevents gases from entering the crankcase, prevents excess engine oil from entering the combustion chamber, and prevents engine detonation. Oil scraper rings prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber from the crankcase by scrapping excess oil from the cylinder wall. They are installed below the compression level. Some pistons are equipped with two integral or cast rings. In order to stabilize the pressure, the cast iron ones are supplemented with a spring expander.

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8 812 438 04 93

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