tobacco shag tobacco dust
tobacco shag tobacco dust
tobacco shag tobacco dust
tobacco shag tobacco dust
tobacco shag tobacco dust
tobacco shag tobacco dust

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Sell tobacco : from the manufacturer!

Great for cigarettes and cigarette cartridges are available 2Болгарских grade light and medium bodied, American a little tighter, Tavria shag medium strength and strong!Tobacco pacovan in packages of 100грам. Package is enough for stuffing more than 200 cigarettes. The cost of tobacco-40гривень for a package weighing 100 grams. Cigarette tobacco 80гривень.

There are machines for stuffing casings, Polish and Norwegian of good quality and the sleeve. A flexible system of discounts.

Call agree!

Great fertilizer

Tobacco dust to the soil is valued in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, which significantly improve soil composition, plant life, have a positive impact on productivity.

Use it under the digging in spring and autumn, in laying lawns: dust (2-4 g) per square meter of land.

When the seedlings are planted in each planting hole, add 0.5 kg of dust.

When transplanting flowers, mix with potting mix.

From pests

Feel free to use the tobacco dust from ants, aphids, flea beetles and sucker. It is possible to fumigate and opylivanie plants, apply in the form of infusions.

It is important to pursue activities in dry weather, when there is no wind. Repeat the procedure after 7 days. The first time treatment will destroy the hearth, and secondly, get rid of eggs and larvae.

Dusting. You can opylivanie only tobacco dust or mixed with ash (in equal parts, where the square meter is taken 20 g of dust).

Treatment infusion. Prepare the infusion of tobacco dust: in a 10 litre bucket pour the dust (400 g) and leave for two days, stirring occasionally. Strain, and dilute the concentrate with water (double the volume). Per 10 liters of infusion add a handful of ash and grated Laundry soap (50 gr). Means you need to spray 3 times in 10 days. Before harvest (two weeks) all processing to stop.

The spraying broth. Preparing the broth is faster than the infusion, and it does not inferior in its qualities: dust (0.5 liter) pour a liter of water and after boiling, simmer for half an hour. The liquid will boil away, add water to the original volume. On the day the broth is put in a dark place, then strain. For spraying the concentrate (part 1) hydrate (3 parts), add soap (50 gr). This proportion in a bucket of water.

Fumigation with tobacco dust. Just say that bee is harmless. However, the smell will scare them. The procedure is preferably performed after flowering berry plants, shrubs and fruit trees.

Wear a gauze mask, and in the old bucket kindle small wood chips or splinters. In the fierce fire throw tobacco dust (in square meter 5-10 g) and two hours Express. Fumigation in a greenhouse or a greenhouse will save the plants from whiteflies, aphids and thrips. Inside a closed greenhouse is impossible.


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